The Garden of Pedagogic Delights

This digital collage is inspired by the painting ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’ by Hieronymous Bosch. The original tryptich of paintings is interpreted to depict, in separate panels, Heaven, Earth and Hell. The reason I chose this painting to base my work off is because of how well it depicts chaos, which is my overriding memory from the Change Makers course. My digital collage is then broadly split from left to right into ‘Heaven’, ‘Earth’ and ‘Hell’ panels. These panels respectively capture what I enjoyed about and inspired me from the course, the chaos of what actually happened, and some of the negative feelings I experienced. Each panel is a digital mash-up of the original Bosch painting and random images I found on the internet which combined try to capture how I felt about various aspects of what happened. Some details I will note are Imperial’s Provost, Prof Walmsley, surveying the chaos from the sun, Elon Musk stalking the strip-lit halls of hell and Greta Thunberg preaching the gospel to the students of Imperial. Ultimately I was really impressed with all the Students and so included a gold medal for everyone as well.

My name is Alex, I’m a PhD student in Geochemistry in the Earth Science & Engineering department. I’m interested in using quantitative modelling and statistics to understand the Earth’s Surface. When I’m not doing my PhD I like climbing, running and wild camping.

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