Change Makers modules aim to call together people who want to make some positive change in the future and inspire them with good ideas. I am glad that I have a chance to witness the modules as a participator. During the whole module, I make a lot of friends. We study together and hang out together. We used to discuss in the classroom until night, and we also collaborate to finish a complex project. The time that we stay together is precious; I learnt a lot from the module and my teammates, classmates, and co-learners. I will remember this meaningful experience and thank the people who had accompanied me. 

Year 1 Geophysics student from the Department of Earth Science and Engineering.
I am one of the first generation born in the 00s. I have the properties which were common on our generation: creative, brave, and have a strong thirst for knowledge. I like making new friends and enjoy stories of them. And I hope one day I can tell my stories.

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