De-Normativising the Classroom

Here are some thoughts about moving beyond inclusivity in the classroom – taken from my recent presentation at the Borderland Retreat.

This presentation includes examples from the classroom that illustrate the Change Makers approach to inclusivity – and more recently – queering practices to de-normativise the classroom. 

On a personal level, I’ve been contemplating the idea that inclusivity as a practice, is by its very essence an othering and exuding practice and trying to find truly celebratory practice that recognises many and unlimited ‘normals’ as equally valuable and welcome.

As a result of this work, and my thinking in putting together this presentation and other recent pieces of work, I make the following commitment:

I reject the use of inclusivity practice that establishes the silent exclusion of non-normative experience – whether that relates to gender, sexuality, ethnicity, neurotype, communication preference, (generational) academic experience or socioeconomic mobility. There is no ‘normal’ way to co-exist in the classroom. We define what is normal anew in each and every moment together.

Hauke, E (2023) De-Normativising the Classroom. Live Love Learn.

I will be writing more about this in the future, but if anyone wants to get in touch to talk about these ideas, I’d be very happy to talk further.

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