Queer Representation in Modern Western Animation: Change Makers Independent Project

Giannis Ioannis Paschos produced an outstanding project for our Change Makers Independent Project module this year and we are really pleased to share this excellent student work to celebrate his achievement. Continue Reading

To choose or not to choose (a Change Makers module)

I’ve been taking a look at some of the qualitative data to come out of the Great Expectations project from 2019/20. It’s given me an interesting insight into student decision-making and wanted to share some of my findings. Continue Reading

Joining the Dots

‘Joining the dots: making connections by drawing from the slow movement in the classroom’ was presented at the Imperial Festival of Learning and Teaching in May 2022. This post will introduce the slow movement and slow ideology, and show how this might inspire thinking and talking about making connections in the classroom, scaffolding those moments of connection and relating connectedness to learning.  Continue Reading