Prior learning, individual and collective experiences are valued as a foundation for knowledge and understanding of our shared, lived world.

We encourage students to see themselves individually and collectively as capable and skilled individuals with a wealth of relevant and interesting personal knowledge and experience that they can bring to bear on any project. We provide scaffolded learning experiences and working processes to allow students to pursue their own curiosities about the world, conducting background and empirical research to answer their own questions and to build their own awareness and knowledge of the world. We invite students to engage their whole being in their work and to think beyond their identities as junior disciplinarians.

The Live element of our approach includes the following:

  • Valuing of prior life experiences
  • Sharing individual perspectives
  • Development of personhood
  • Self awareness, reflexivity and confidence
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Pragmatism and problem solving
  • Global citizenship
  • Individuation

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