Reflections on our ‘Dear Change Maker’ project

We recently gave a presentation and seminar for the ‘Dear Change Maker: Using correspondence to develop a visual reflective practice’ (see video here). It was rewarding to share our work and hear the thoughts of academics and educators here at Imperial College and beyond. Continue Reading

‘Hack-Packs’ and Remote Learning Hardware Hacking With the Hackspace

Find out how the Imperial College Advanced Hackspace team adapted their hands-on and practical Change Makers Making and Prototyping module to a pandemic-proof hands-on and practical remote delivery model. Post by David Miller and Harry Barnett, Hackspace Fellows
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Dear Change Maker

We presented a paper at the National Interdisciplinary Education Conference (Online) about our Dear Change Maker research, entitled: Dear Change Maker: Using Correspondence to Develop a Visual Reflective Practice. Continue Reading

Reshaping education – learning from a pandemic

We were pleased to be featured in a recent Imperial Stories interactive, reflecting on Imperial’s work during the pandemic – both in terms of contributing to the national and global response to Covid 19, but also with respect to innovation within our community. Continue Reading

Does working online have any advantages?

Working online has been a brand new experience. And we put a lot of thought and effort into how to make it work in the ways that we – as teachers – thought would provide the most supportive and engaging student experience. But has it worked? Continue Reading