Mapping the Sustainable Development Goals

We’ve undertaken a review of all Change Maker modules to map our engagement with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) across our curricula.

As part of a new Anatomy of Change series of mini-reports to highlight various aspects of our Change Makers practice to colleagues and to students, we have begun with an exercise to map the ways in which our modules address the SDGs.

Our modules are designed to encourage our students to engage with issues relevant to the SDGs, to focus on specific SDGs, to create cross-cutting projects that take an intersectional view of the impact of SDG issues on specific communities and to consider their own interests and passions in the context of the SDGs.

We have modules that faciliate students to work on SDG-related issues of their own choice, modules that touch on a number of SDGs for specific points of learning, and modules that focus the students’ attention on specific SDGs.

We’re proud to see our students engaging with such important issues with energy and fresh, critical perspectives.

Elizabeth Hauke, Field Leader, Change Makers

As an indication of the scope of our modules to engage with various and multiple SDGs, we produced this quick reference visual.

We’re only just conceptualising how we would like these reports to pull ideas together, so this is a first draft, but here is our first mini-report.


As a first attempt, this brings together a lot of information from across our modules in a simple way. In the future, we hope to enhance this by digging in to the issues a little more and providing more detailed examples.

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