It’s a Cat’s Cradle

I put a lot of time, effort and imagination into designing the activities and classes within this module. No matter how much co-design takes place in the classroom, I still need to have a full (set of) picture(s) of what might happen in the moment. This means that I have a head full of possibilities, many of which never get realised. Leaving room for the students to make choices and to influence the design is critical.

When I tried to think about this, the image that came to mind was a cat’s cradle. An intricately designed web of possibility. And just as I pass my ideas on to the Co-Learners, who then pass their version of my ideas on to the students, I have no idea how the next person will take the cat’s cradle. Where exactly will they put their fingers? What design will they emerge with as they take control of the string?

Dr Elizabeth Hauke, Principal Teaching Fellow, Field Leader Change Makers

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