The Human Error

At the beginning of human life, we’re all the same – a baby with minimal structured thoughts, feelings and beliefs. It’s through nurture and systematic processes that we are shaped into the people we become. The Human Error is that the system provides very limited room for a person to divert from its own regimented structure and by implementing this at the earliest and most crucial stages of a child’s development, it wins as a child more often than not doesn’t know any better. It’s up to those who have diverted from the norm and accomplished amazing things to act as role models and show the upcoming generation they can achieve anything they put their mind to.

A bit about me:
Alana Bralsford
First Year Design Engineer (Meng)
I have long fostered a passion for protecting the natural world, supplemented by inspirations such as David Attenborough. This affinity with nature has exacerbated my concerns about the impending climate crisis, a crisis which threatens mankind’s existence, dependent as we are on the environment. This reality has forced me to re-evaluate my lifelong interest in engineering, particularly that of transportation, an industry responsible for roughly 30% of GHG emissions. In balancing these two factors, I have inevitably developed a keen awareness for energy sustainability, and the impact electric vehicles have in reducing environmental impact. I want to use the platform I have to inspire others with hopes to make them  more aware of the world they live in too.

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