Waltz of the Change Makers’ Chairs

This piece was inspired by the experience of teaching the Global Challenges module in the Digital Learning Hub (DLH). The DLH is a new flexible working space that allows students to rearrange chairs and tables as needed to facilitate creative working. During this course, students worked in multiple group sizes, from small to medium to the entire cohort. Visitors often attended, resulting in a frequent need to find additional chairs from other rooms. 

As I reflected on my experience, I found myself coming back to the chairs. The chairs in this piece represent the flexibility of the space, the non-uniformity of the students and the creativity inherent in the module. The use of LEGO to construct the chairs is a nod to the Change Makers Team, as we incorporate LEGO across our module offerings. The dance performed by the chairs includes representations of multiple group sizes, individual presentations and a conga line. The conga line is not an abstraction, but in fact is a direct representation of the experience on the module. A conga line was performed by the entire cohort as the grand finale of the Global Challenges module, so naturally, the chairs performed one as well.

Dr. Daisy Pataki (she/her) is a Teaching Fellow on the Change Makers Team. She has studied various subjects including geology, linguistics and education and enjoys gardening, travel and rugby in her spare time.

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