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The Live, Love, Learn approach encourages students to see themselves individually and collectively as capable and skilled individuals with a wealth of relevant and interesting personal knowledge and experience that they can bring to bear on any project. It provides scaffolded learning experiences and working processes to allow students to pursue their own curiosities about the world, conducting background and empirical research to answer their own questions and to build their own awareness and knowledge of the world. The approach invites students to engage their whole being in their work and to think beyond their identities as junior disciplinarians. It asks them to consider individuals, communities and nations with empathy and respect and to try to see the world from the perspectives of others – whether they be marginalized individuals, leaders, campaigners or world leaders. Finally, the Live, Love, Learn approach sets up our students to have the confidence, self awareness and reflexivity to work independently, to network and communicate with others and to pursue their passions in the world. The Live, Love, Learn approach draws together a range of theoretical perspectives and pedigogical tools, but at its heart focuses on three core elements:

  • Live – prior learning, individual and collective experiences are valued as a foundation for new knowledge and understanding of the lived world
  • Love – empathic engagement with others critically anchors learning to the real, messy, intricate needs of individuals and communities around the world
  • Learn – pursuing challenging, active learning is vital to create independent, critical thinkers who approach complexity with confidence and self-awareness

You can browse articles using the menu on the left, or use the search box above to find articles relating to a particular term. The articles include teaching toolkit articles that describe particular pedagogical techniques, ideas or processes. There are also articles that summarise related theoretical ideas or background material. Every article has links to help you find more information if something is of particular interest to you.

This KnowledgeBase has been written to support the implementation of the Live Love Learn approach to education, and the Global Challenges courses of the Imperial Horizons programme.

This word cloud was made by importing all student feedback from one of our first year undergraduate Global Challenges courses, The World Today.