Teaching Toolkit

Cognitive Load Theory

Introduction Cognitive load is an idea that originates in cognitive psychology and describes the various ‘efforts’ required to learn something – in other words the amount of mental effort being used in the working memory. 

Team Based Learning

Introduction Team Based Learning or TBL is a pedagogical format that brings together a number of evidence based practices to structure learning activities within the curriculum.

Bloom’s Taxonomy

Introduction The Bloom Taxonomy was developed in the 1950s by Benjamin Bloom, an educational psychologist. It helps to differentiate increasingly complex levels of student learning, and therefore marks out higher order thinking and learning from simpler tasks such as rote memorisation.

SOLO Taxonomy

Introduction The SOLO Taxonomy (Structured of Observed Learning Outcome) is a way of assessing the complexity of understanding achieved by a student with respect to a particular learning outcome.

Constructive Alignment

Introduction Constructive alignment is an idea developed by Professor John B. Biggs to ensure effective curriculum design.


Introduction The word ‘curriculum’ means different things to different people. Many attempts have been made to pin down an exhaustive definition, but there remains much variation in what exactly is meant when the word curriculum is used.

Dialogic Feedback

Introduction action without feedback is completely unproductive for a learner (Laurillard, 2002) We have always prided ourselves on the quality and timeliness of the feedback that we provide in Global Challenges courses. We take great effort to provide detailed comments, aligned to the marking schema. And we provide this feedback quickly – always within two… read more »