‘Hack-Packs’ and Remote Learning Hardware Hacking With the Hackspace

Find out how the Imperial College Advanced Hackspace team adapted their hands-on and practical Change Makers Making and Prototyping module to a pandemic-proof hands-on and practical remote delivery model. Post by David Miller and Harry Barnett, Hackspace Fellows
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Does working online have any advantages?

Working online has been a brand new experience. And we put a lot of thought and effort into how to make it work in the ways that we – as teachers – thought would provide the most supportive and engaging student experience. But has it worked? Continue Reading

(More Than A) Handbook

To align with our complete transformation to online learning, we decided to completely re-write and re-imagine our student handbook. Continue Reading

The Check In

Initially conceived as a way to monitor attendance (a requirement for Change Makers and Imperial Horizons modules) and to some extent welfare (students not completing the Check In could be followed up and offered support for any difficulty they might be experiencing), the Check In has been a hugely successful part of our new learning design. Continue Reading

The 24hr Rolling Class

One of the biggest challenges that we were faced with was to accommodate students learning both synchronously and asynchronously – with us in the live class and catching up at a later date. Continue Reading

Inclusivity and Hospitality

One thing that we were really concerned about as we planned how we might work with students online was how we would make them feel comfortable, engaged and welcome in our online space. Continue Reading

The Change Makers lockdown learning experience (so far)

Explore this series of posts to find out how we have transformed our Change Makers modules to make them pandemic-proof. Continue Reading